What's on in Term 4?

What’s On in Grade Four - Term 4

During Term 4 Grade Four is undertaking the following units of study.

English :

In English the writing emphasis will be on narrative and persuasive writing. Particular emphasis will be placed on sentence structure, punctuation and editing.  Spelling and grammar will continue to play an important role this term with a major emphasis on proof reading and editing all written work.  Our reading skills will continue to develop through the CAFÉ Reading program.

Mathematics :

In Mathematics we will be working on fractions and decimals, revision of the four operations including related problem solving activities involving money. Students will be involved in developing strategies to pose and answer challenging questions. Measurement will include aspects of capacity, volume and time, all of which will contain a large element of hands on activities. We will continue to work on our times tables. Mental maths will form a major component of this area of the curriculum in preparation for Grade Five.

Integrated Studies :
Our Integrated Unit this term is entitled ‘Australia in the 1800s’. The key understandings are:
Ø  Many events over time have shaped the country we live in.

Ø  People explored Australia in its development for a variety of reasons.

Ø  Migration to Australia was for a variety of reasons.

Ø  The period of the gold rush changed Australia at the time and today.
Our focus questions for this unit are:
Ø  What were the significant events of the period 1788-1901?

Ø  Who were some of the main explorers of Australia?

Ø  Why do people explore?

Ø  Why did people migrate to Australia?

Ø  What was the impact of the Gold Rush on Australia?

Ø  How have these events shaped Australia today?

This unit will involve a lot of research, videos, reading of data and diary entries for us to gather a better understanding of life in the 1800s and why people chose/came to Australia. There are also 2 excursions booked to help us develop our knowledge of these times.

At the end of the unit the children will present their learning in a Year 4 expo to other students and the wider Gardenvale Community.

It is quite amazing how quickly the last term in the school year goes. The children will  be preparing for their transition to Grade Five. As always, the Grade Four teachers will ensure that the students have an extremely rewarding and productive term to finish off a fantastic year.

Below are some dates to keep in mind for Term Four

October 9th - First day of Term 4
October 26th – Spelling Bee
October 26th – Family Maths Night
November 2nd – Sovereign Hill Excursion (Long Day)

November 7th  - Melbourne Cup Day – Public Holiday
November 8th to 17th – Senior School Swimming Program
November 21st or 23rd – Immigration Museum Excursion
December 13th – School Concert 7pm
December 18th – Year 4 End of Unit Expo 2-3pm
December 19th - Final Team Building Day 
December 20th  – Reports Home
December 22nd - Last day of Term 4 1.30pm dismissal

Tinkering and Building Teams

Team Building Day
On Thursday 14th September the Year 4s had their 3rd team building day.  In keeping with our unit of study it was a scientific/technology based day.
Here are some of the thoughts of the children:
My first activity was the Marble Run, our team used some sticks and boxes for the run.  Our group didn’t get any time because our marble got stuck in the tube!  In our groups we had to have someone from every different class. – Sammy
After lunch we did the tinkering workshop.  There were lots of parts of tinkering.  Taking apart the machines, solar light, using some little clips to make sound or something to spin using batteries to make things work Eva
In 4D we got batteries, alligator clips and light bulbs, we made electric circuits.  At the start we made one light bulb glow, then two and then we made a switch to flick the light on and off. – Hannah

Marble run was my favourite beside you and your team had to make the marble slow down, you had one minute. - Benji 

What's been happening?

Year 4 Happenings!

A very excited Year 4 cohort set off with the Year 5 and 6’s to the Sandringham Athletic track on a cool but dry morning in August. The students were divided into groups according to their age groups and proceeded to compete in their first annual House Athletic competition. Some jumped higher, ran faster, and threw longer than they ever had before while others hopped in sacks, balanced eggs on spoons and cheered their peers and house mates on.
Twenty two students qualified for the next round of competition but due to their positive attitudes, enthusiasm and effort – everyone was a winner on the day. Especially Thomas who took home the winning house trophy.

Wacky Wednesday
On Wednesday August 28, Gardenvale Primary School came together for Wacky Wednesday – the culmination of Terms 3’s focus on all things Dr.Seuss!
The students had discovered magical worlds of crazy cats and coloured fish, sneetches and lorax’s, and all kinds of talking creatures throughout the term both in class and with their buddies. Year 4’s in hats, and as Things 1 & 2 decorated classrooms and hallways, as did memorable messages all influenced by the Dr.’s wise words.
Wacky Wednesday started with a parade full of Grinches and Things and Cats in Hats and reversed inside clothing and pyjamas and wigs – pretty much all things wacky! The classes buddied up and found their rooms had gone wacky – shoes on walls, clotheslines in the classroom, plates on the bookshelves, plants on the projectors!

After lunch it was a Dr.Seuss movie afternoon with most classrooms screening either The Lorax, The Grinch, Horton Hears a Who or the Cat in the Hat. The cinemas were readied with rows of seats, cushions and beanbags together with snacks all round to finish off a wonderful wacky Wednesday! 

Term 3

What’s on in Term 3?
Grade 4

During Term 3, the Grade 4 area is undertaking the following units of study.

In Language, we will start the term off with a look at the author Dr Seuss.  The whole school will be celebrating this author during Book Week in week 6. The writing emphasis will be on recounts , procedures and introducing new styles of poetry. Particular emphasis will be placed on sentence structure, punctuation and editing. Grammar focuses will include synonyms, antonyms and the use of prefixes and suffixes. Reading will include continued development of comprehension, fluency, accuracy and expanded vocabulary (CAFÉ)  reading skills.  Students will continue to develop their spelling skills with the SMART Spelling program.

In Mathematics, students will be undertaking work on multiplication, division, angles and data/statistics. As always mental maths activities will play an important role and we will continue to encourage and motivate our students to learn their times tables.

Our Inquiry Unit this term is entitled ‘The Science of Energy’. The key understandings are:
  • Heat is produced many ways and moves from one object to another.
  • Changes in temperature are related to the gain or loss of heat.
  • Changes in state occur with the adding or removing of heat.
  • Electrical circuits allow energy to be transformed.
Hands on science experiments will enhance this unit of work to maximize learning and enjoyment. We hope that these understandings will generate lively and interesting discussions at home.

We look forward to a stimulating and fun-filled term.

Julie, Tanya, Victoria & Peter.

Below are some dates to keep in mind for Term 3:

First day of Term 3: 17th July
Swinburne University Science Incursion: 1st August
House Athletics: 11th August
80s Parents Disco: 12th August
Crazy Hair Day charity fundraiser: August 18th
Book Week: August 21st
Wacky Wednesday Dress Up: August 23rd
Magical Science In-visit: August 31st
District Athletics: 25th August
Fathers’ Day Breakfast: 1st September (TBC)

Last day of Term 3: 22nd September (Footy Fever Day 2.30 dismissal)

Inquiry Expo

Year 4 “Where in the World” Exposition
June 27th, 2017

After a frantic morning of cleaning the MPC, moving tables, and plugging in laptops, coupled with four weeks of intense research, planning and creating, the Year 4’s were ready to present their learning to their peers, other year levels and also to the wider community.

Most groups were made up of two or more students who had worked collaboratively with students from another class. Each group or individual decided on a topic of their choice together with the means of presentation reflecting the learning they had accomplished over the term. The central idea for the whole year level was:  ‘Australia and its neighbouring countries, and the impact both humans and nature have on the resources of the world.’
These learnings were displayed in numerous ways covering subjects such as invasive animals, the Tropic of Capricorn, plant medicines, the Sahara Desert, Toucans, edible plants of South America and many more. PowerPoints were watched, posters displayed and models came in all shapes and sizes.
The day began with visits from other year levels and the students soon noticed the difference in presenting to the various levels and adapted their presentations accordingly. They were busy reading to the preps and showing them which buttons to push then fielding higher order questions asked by the Year 6 classes while explaining to the Year 3’s that this would be them next year!
The afternoon arrived with plenty of eager family members lined up to come in as soon as the doors opened. For the next hour the students were challenged yet again and stood up to the challenge admirably. They were polite, knowledgeable and justifiably proud of their efforts and their work which was on display for all to see.
The Year 4 teachers could not have asked for a better culmination of a terms learning and we thank you all for attending.
Julie, Victoria, Tanya and Peter – the Year 4 Team

Term 2

What’s On - Term Two  

 Term Two is just around the corner and we have many exciting learning activities to look forward to in the weeks that lie ahead.

In English this term, the students will continue with their spelling, grammar and the Café Reading Program. During literacy activities, the emphasis will be placed on comprehension and identifying main ideas in a text. In writing, aspects to be covered will include narratives (fairy tales), reports and poetry.

In Mathematics, the students will be learning about addition and subtraction. They will also gain an insight into fractions, length and time. Students will work developing a thorough understanding of each topic and the importance of relating mathematics to everyday life. Hands-on activities play an important part in our daily program, as do problem solving strategies and mathematical games.

Our Integrated Unit this term is entitled ‘The World Around Us’. The key understandings are:
  • Asia is a diverse continent that is a neighbour to Australia.

  • There are similarities and differences between climates of the worlds.

  • Vegetation is significant to animals and people and needs to be protected.

  • Human activity and natural processes have changed the Earth’s surface.

  • Different living things have different life cycles and depend on each other and the environment to survive.

This unit will involve us looking at countries around the world, comparing them to Australia, and looking at the impact both humans and nature has on the world.
  We will spend a day at Werribee Zoo looking at the environment the animals need to live successfully and the impact that occurs when this is changed.
At the end of the unit the children will present their learning in a Year 4 expo to other students and the wider Gardenvale Community.
Dates to Note This Term  (all dates are subject to change)
Term 2 commences – 18 th April
Anzac Day- Tuesday 25th April
Curriculum day - 28th  April
Werribee Zoo Excursion – 4th May
School Cross Country– 5th  May
Resilience Program beings – 8th May
Big Blue Bash Bush Dance – 16th May
District Cross Country – 23rd May
The Resilience Project Parent Session 7pm – June 1st
Queen’s Birthday Holiday - 12th June
Ban the Bully Week – 13th – 16th June
The Human Race Incursion – 15th June
Team Building Day – 22nd June
Year 4 End of Unit Expo – 27th June
Opera Australia Invisit – 29th June
Term 2 concludes - 30th June 1.30 dismissal


Year 4 Camp 2017

Arribri Lodge
Day 1:
Off we set on a sunny Monday morning accompanied by 106 children, five teachers and eight parents. The trip was a quick one and we arrived at Arribri Lodge just before 11am. After some morning tea and a welcome from Dave, our camp director, we found our cabins, unpacked what we needed to, made our beds then hurried back to the meeting place in anticipation of our camp tour.  

Dave showed us around the beautiful site – explaining rules, regulations and expectations before we returned to the main camp area for lunch.
The children had been divided into eight groups from across all the different classes with about 13 children in each. Ms Murphy had drawn up a rotation of eight different activities: swimming, orienteering, initiatives, flying fox, damper cooking, low ropes course, giant swing and archery, of which three were completed that afternoon.

 Around 4:45 we straggled back to the meeting point – a little tired and dusty and looking forward to dinner but also looking forward to a bit of free time. The children could choose to jump on the in-ground trampoline, play a round of mini golf, practise for the talent show, play tennis, kick a ball on the oval, play pool or table soccer in the games room or basketball in the gym – no chance of having nothing to do!
Duty group got to work half an hour before dinner then it was into the dining room with one and all to eat, chat and make new friends. After dinner showers were taken if they hadn’t been done before then it was into our cowboy hats, flannel shirts, jeans and bandannas and into the gym for the bush dance.

The dance was hosted most ably by Paul. We learned about different types of instruments like the lager stick and a drum which he beat with incredible timing and expertise. We also learned partner and line dances that left us laughing at our missteps and poor timing but also at our willingness to give it a go.
The night had not quite finished for then it was off in groups with our torches to accomplish the Arribri Lodge Nocturnal walk where we followed a windy path through he trees looking for the scrambled letters which named the activity. On completion we sat around the campfire munching (untoasted!) marshmallows and having a good old sing-a-long led by Michael Burrows who had not only brought his guitar but had printed out song sheets to share.
And still there was more … as it was such a beautiful clear night, we lay down in the paddock, turned off our torches and our voices and gazed at the stars and the moon. We sighted the Milky Way, the Southern Cross and Orion’s Belt (or big saucepan) which was a lovely way to end an action-packed day.
Day 2:
After an earlier start for some than others, we assembled in the meeting place for a pre-breakfast chat and cabin inspection by Ms Kentera – needless to say some children were sent off to have a little tidy up!
After a two-course breakfast of cereal, then hash browns, we were back off to our rotations. Teachers, parents and camp staff led all the rotations while the children moved themselves from activity to activity when instructed. It was a seamless operation punctuated by screams of excitement from the swing and flying fox, smokey smells from the fire that cooked the damper, and tummy burns from getting pulled and pushed through the tyre on the initiatives course.
It was a morning tea happy birthday to Ariella so we sang and ate cupcakes to wish her well.
The rotations lasted until mid afternoon when it was time to get on our old shoes, grab our hats and drink bottles, and find our class for a walk to the Yarra River. We ambled along a shady path past the East Warburton School then made our way to the riverbanks. Gold pans were distributed and off we went in search of our fortunes! Plenty of Fools Gold was discovered along with the knowledge that the pans were fantastic wetting devices, much needed during the parents vs children splashing contest!
We returned to camp none the richer in gold, but definitely more well off in experience and memories.
Mr Chant had arrived at the river as we were departing and he joined us for dinner and to watch the Talent Show. There was much excitement in the lead up with costumes being changed into, acts rehearsed for the final time and even an impromptu hair salon set up in the courtyard.
Show time! Every child had a partner or a group and performed an act of their choice – we laughed at great jokes, watched dazzling dances, sang along to tunes we knew, and marvelled at magic. Exhausted and entertained it was off to bed.

Day 3:
As per the previous nights instructions, everyone was up and packing before breakfast. Sleeping bags were stuffed, cabins were tidied, lost shoes were found and it was a birthday breakfast for Zara who blew out a candle in her pancake!
On to the bus we went for a surprise trip to the Dandenong Ranges National Park and the 1000 Steps. We alighted from the bus, leaving our jumpers and backpacks behind and started the climb to the top. We made our way up over uneven paths and winding steps shaded by cool ferns, and with constant encouragement for one another every single one of us made it to the top. On reflection many children said this was one of their most pleasing and proudest moment of the trip.

We walked a different way back down the hill to a welcome lunch break before getting back on the bus. The journey back to school was only a short one and the noise levels were at a much lower level than they had been Monday morning, in fact, there may have been more than a few eyes closed during the ride!
Back at Gardenvale we quickly unpacked, said our goodbyes, and went off to tell of our adventures and to sleep happily in our own beds!

Thank you to our wonderful teachers: Peter Monotti, Julie Murphy, Tanya Kentera, Victoria Pidhirny and Catherine Sangster and to our parent helpers; Steph, Alida, Daniel, Dan, Michael, Brent, Al, Ian and to all the staff at Arribri Lodge for allowing the children to have such an incredible three days.