Team Building Day

Today was the first day of camp or Scamp as we decided to call camp-at-school!

 All students from 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D were divided into three groups to navigate a series of team building challenges throughout the day. 

Ian from Supreme Incursions led groups through five different activities: spider webs were crawled through, team vs team with ever increasing levels of difficulty; hazardous trails were negotiated blindfolded while being directed by a partner; swamp crossings were undertaken with only six blocks for the whole team to balance on; moon ball was thrown and caught and thrown again by way of parachute (together with group coordination); towering structures were constructed and then gleefully deconstructed!

 4A’s classroom became the Catapult Challenge room and after a whole team warm up consisting of passing a hula-hoop through the ring of students holding hands, Ms Murphy rallied the groups to rise to the challenge of constructing a catapult from materials of their own choosing. Upon completion each catapult was tested by flinging a pompom as far as it could – some of which made their way across the whole room! 

4D’s classroom was converted into the Team Game headquarters and Mr Monotti, Ms Kentera and Ms Pidhirny took turns guiding groups in a number of different quests. First up was a name race around the circle, followed by a balloon challenge where the whole group had to stand in a circle, hold hands and keep the balloon afloat. Then came the rope challenge - a decreasing area in which to sit; the newspaper challenge – a decreasing area in which to stand and the final challenge of building a tower with mini marshmallows and toothpicks – probably the favourite for obvious reasons!

Both students and staff were challenged, entertained and educated throughout the day and, with an emphasis on T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More), next week’s camp at Arribri Lodge is looking to be a fantastic three days for everyone involved.