Inquiry Expo

Year 4 “Where in the World” Exposition
June 27th, 2017

After a frantic morning of cleaning the MPC, moving tables, and plugging in laptops, coupled with four weeks of intense research, planning and creating, the Year 4’s were ready to present their learning to their peers, other year levels and also to the wider community.

Most groups were made up of two or more students who had worked collaboratively with students from another class. Each group or individual decided on a topic of their choice together with the means of presentation reflecting the learning they had accomplished over the term. The central idea for the whole year level was:  ‘Australia and its neighbouring countries, and the impact both humans and nature have on the resources of the world.’
These learnings were displayed in numerous ways covering subjects such as invasive animals, the Tropic of Capricorn, plant medicines, the Sahara Desert, Toucans, edible plants of South America and many more. PowerPoints were watched, posters displayed and models came in all shapes and sizes.
The day began with visits from other year levels and the students soon noticed the difference in presenting to the various levels and adapted their presentations accordingly. They were busy reading to the preps and showing them which buttons to push then fielding higher order questions asked by the Year 6 classes while explaining to the Year 3’s that this would be them next year!
The afternoon arrived with plenty of eager family members lined up to come in as soon as the doors opened. For the next hour the students were challenged yet again and stood up to the challenge admirably. They were polite, knowledgeable and justifiably proud of their efforts and their work which was on display for all to see.
The Year 4 teachers could not have asked for a better culmination of a terms learning and we thank you all for attending.
Julie, Victoria, Tanya and Peter – the Year 4 Team