Term 3

What’s on in Term 3?
Grade 4

During Term 3, the Grade 4 area is undertaking the following units of study.

In Language, we will start the term off with a look at the author Dr Seuss.  The whole school will be celebrating this author during Book Week in week 6. The writing emphasis will be on recounts , procedures and introducing new styles of poetry. Particular emphasis will be placed on sentence structure, punctuation and editing. Grammar focuses will include synonyms, antonyms and the use of prefixes and suffixes. Reading will include continued development of comprehension, fluency, accuracy and expanded vocabulary (CAFÉ)  reading skills.  Students will continue to develop their spelling skills with the SMART Spelling program.

In Mathematics, students will be undertaking work on multiplication, division, angles and data/statistics. As always mental maths activities will play an important role and we will continue to encourage and motivate our students to learn their times tables.

Our Inquiry Unit this term is entitled ‘The Science of Energy’. The key understandings are:
  • Heat is produced many ways and moves from one object to another.
  • Changes in temperature are related to the gain or loss of heat.
  • Changes in state occur with the adding or removing of heat.
  • Electrical circuits allow energy to be transformed.
Hands on science experiments will enhance this unit of work to maximize learning and enjoyment. We hope that these understandings will generate lively and interesting discussions at home.

We look forward to a stimulating and fun-filled term.

Julie, Tanya, Victoria & Peter.

Below are some dates to keep in mind for Term 3:

First day of Term 3: 17th July
Swinburne University Science Incursion: 1st August
House Athletics: 11th August
80s Parents Disco: 12th August
Crazy Hair Day charity fundraiser: August 18th
Book Week: August 21st
Wacky Wednesday Dress Up: August 23rd
Magical Science In-visit: August 31st
District Athletics: 25th August
Fathers’ Day Breakfast: 1st September (TBC)

Last day of Term 3: 22nd September (Footy Fever Day 2.30 dismissal)