Tinkering and Building Teams

Team Building Day
On Thursday 14th September the Year 4s had their 3rd team building day.  In keeping with our unit of study it was a scientific/technology based day.
Here are some of the thoughts of the children:
My first activity was the Marble Run, our team used some sticks and boxes for the run.  Our group didn’t get any time because our marble got stuck in the tube!  In our groups we had to have someone from every different class. – Sammy
After lunch we did the tinkering workshop.  There were lots of parts of tinkering.  Taking apart the machines, solar light, using some little clips to make sound or something to spin using batteries to make things work Eva
In 4D we got batteries, alligator clips and light bulbs, we made electric circuits.  At the start we made one light bulb glow, then two and then we made a switch to flick the light on and off. – Hannah

Marble run was my favourite beside you and your team had to make the marble slow down, you had one minute. - Benji