What's been happening?

Year 4 Happenings!

A very excited Year 4 cohort set off with the Year 5 and 6’s to the Sandringham Athletic track on a cool but dry morning in August. The students were divided into groups according to their age groups and proceeded to compete in their first annual House Athletic competition. Some jumped higher, ran faster, and threw longer than they ever had before while others hopped in sacks, balanced eggs on spoons and cheered their peers and house mates on.
Twenty two students qualified for the next round of competition but due to their positive attitudes, enthusiasm and effort – everyone was a winner on the day. Especially Thomas who took home the winning house trophy.

Wacky Wednesday
On Wednesday August 28, Gardenvale Primary School came together for Wacky Wednesday – the culmination of Terms 3’s focus on all things Dr.Seuss!
The students had discovered magical worlds of crazy cats and coloured fish, sneetches and lorax’s, and all kinds of talking creatures throughout the term both in class and with their buddies. Year 4’s in hats, and as Things 1 & 2 decorated classrooms and hallways, as did memorable messages all influenced by the Dr.’s wise words.
Wacky Wednesday started with a parade full of Grinches and Things and Cats in Hats and reversed inside clothing and pyjamas and wigs – pretty much all things wacky! The classes buddied up and found their rooms had gone wacky – shoes on walls, clotheslines in the classroom, plates on the bookshelves, plants on the projectors!

After lunch it was a Dr.Seuss movie afternoon with most classrooms screening either The Lorax, The Grinch, Horton Hears a Who or the Cat in the Hat. The cinemas were readied with rows of seats, cushions and beanbags together with snacks all round to finish off a wonderful wacky Wednesday!