What's on in Term 4?

What’s On in Grade Four - Term 4

During Term 4 Grade Four is undertaking the following units of study.

English :

In English the writing emphasis will be on narrative and persuasive writing. Particular emphasis will be placed on sentence structure, punctuation and editing.  Spelling and grammar will continue to play an important role this term with a major emphasis on proof reading and editing all written work.  Our reading skills will continue to develop through the CAFÉ Reading program.

Mathematics :

In Mathematics we will be working on fractions and decimals, revision of the four operations including related problem solving activities involving money. Students will be involved in developing strategies to pose and answer challenging questions. Measurement will include aspects of capacity, volume and time, all of which will contain a large element of hands on activities. We will continue to work on our times tables. Mental maths will form a major component of this area of the curriculum in preparation for Grade Five.

Integrated Studies :
Our Integrated Unit this term is entitled ‘Australia in the 1800s’. The key understandings are:
Ø  Many events over time have shaped the country we live in.

Ø  People explored Australia in its development for a variety of reasons.

Ø  Migration to Australia was for a variety of reasons.

Ø  The period of the gold rush changed Australia at the time and today.
Our focus questions for this unit are:
Ø  What were the significant events of the period 1788-1901?

Ø  Who were some of the main explorers of Australia?

Ø  Why do people explore?

Ø  Why did people migrate to Australia?

Ø  What was the impact of the Gold Rush on Australia?

Ø  How have these events shaped Australia today?

This unit will involve a lot of research, videos, reading of data and diary entries for us to gather a better understanding of life in the 1800s and why people chose/came to Australia. There are also 2 excursions booked to help us develop our knowledge of these times.

At the end of the unit the children will present their learning in a Year 4 expo to other students and the wider Gardenvale Community.

It is quite amazing how quickly the last term in the school year goes. The children will  be preparing for their transition to Grade Five. As always, the Grade Four teachers will ensure that the students have an extremely rewarding and productive term to finish off a fantastic year.

Below are some dates to keep in mind for Term Four

October 9th - First day of Term 4
October 26th – Spelling Bee
October 26th – Family Maths Night
November 2nd – Sovereign Hill Excursion (Long Day)

November 7th  - Melbourne Cup Day – Public Holiday
November 8th to 17th – Senior School Swimming Program
November 21st or 23rd – Immigration Museum Excursion
December 13th – School Concert 7pm
December 18th – Year 4 End of Unit Expo 2-3pm
December 19th - Final Team Building Day 
December 20th  – Reports Home
December 22nd - Last day of Term 4 1.30pm dismissal